Valerio Pugliese

Valerio Pugliese

Member of:
Radiology AI Lab


During my Biomedical Engineering studies at the Politecnico di Torino (Turin, IT), I developed an interest in developing Artificial Intelligence - based algorithms to improve and to contribute to a more personalized and objective healthcare. After my Master's Thesis internship at the Radiology Department of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, under the supervision of Stefano Trebeschi and Laura Estacio Cerquin, where I was involved in the development of several AI architectures to capture the radio-anatomical changes between follow-up scans of patients receiving immunotherapy and to consequently leverage these features for prognostication, I decided to continue my academic and working journey in the oncological research. Since November 2023, I am a PhD candidate under the supervision of Kevin Groot Lipman at the departments of Radiology and Thoracic Oncology. My research will focus on applying AI algorithms and models to automatize response-evaluation of thoracic malignancies.