Laura Estacio Cerquin

Laura Estacio Cerquin

Member of:
Radiology AI Lab


I hold a Master's degree in Computer Science and am pursuing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, specializing in Cancer Imaging for prognostic monitoring. I have collaborated on research projects with institutions like the University of Oklahoma, United States, and Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa, focusing on deep learning for COVID patient data segmentation. I gained practical experience through internships at Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB),1000shapes GmbH in Germany, and AlgoSurg in India working on osteoarthritis detection, X-ray image analysis for fractures and osteoarthritis, and 3D visualization of medical images, respectively. I also participated in the KHIPU Latin American Meeting on Artificial Intelligence. Outside academia, I have worked as an AI-Image Processing Consultant in India, Chief Science Officer at MeDe in Peru, and a Medical Computer Graphics Specialist in Luxembourg. I have won a healthcare technology Hackathon, invented a patented VLBox, received recognition for the best paper at MICCAI AutoImplant 2020, and created a copyright-protected manual segmentation framework called Gold Standard Generation.