The domain of radiogenomic focuses on exploring the link between morphological phenotypes on imaging and their underlying biology. Beyond the original connotation, radiogenomics is not confined to looking at the genetics of a tumour. Instead, the term has come to encompass virtually all aspects of tumour biology, such as the tumour microenvironment. This research line brings together multiple disciplines by design since the ground truth is often determined in laboratories. The core directions for this research line are:

  • Studying the impact of somatic mutations on the morphology of the tumour;
  • Identifying radiomic signatures predictive of clinically relevant molecular profiles (e.g. MSS/MSI);
  • Exploring advanced MR techniques (T2W/DWI/19F) to predict or even visualise aspects of the tumour microenvironment (immune infiltration, hypoxia etc.…);
  • Leveraging the fact that morphology and biology are connected to address clinically relevant issues where it might be advantageous to predict the underlying biology.