Tianyu Zhang

Tianyu Zhang

Member of:
Radiology AI Lab


Tianyu Zhang was born and raised in China. After graduating from South China University of Technology as a graduate student in 2019, he began to study for a doctorate at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He is currently engaged in scientific research in Regina Beets-Tan's group in the Radiology Department of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and Ritse Mann's Breast Imaging Group (BIG) in RadboudUMC. His research focuses on deep learning on breast imaging, and the development and evaluation of artificial intelligence for breast cancer diagnosis using multimodal data. His current projects include predicting molecular subtypes of breast cancer using multimodal data (mammography, ultrasound, MRI) based on deep learning, processing unstructured electronic health records and providing decision support based on natural language processing models, synthesis of missing MRI sequences based on generative adversarial models, prediction of breast cancer response to therapy based on radiomics, etc. In early 2023, under the leadership of Ritse Mann, he participated in the ODELIA project as a postdoctoral fellow.