Mohamed Abdelatty

Mohamed Abdelatty

Former member of:
Radiology AI Lab


I commenced my radiology training in 2014 at Cairo University Hospitals, one of Egypt's busiest healthcare institutions. During this formative period, I obtained both a Master of Science (MSc) in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology from Cairo University in 2017, and a Medical Doctorate (MD) in 2021. In 2019, I had the privilege of a training opportunity at UCLH in London as part of the ESOR/ESGAR exchange program for fellowships. During this time, I attended different MDT meetings and conducted a retrospective study on solitary rectal ulcer syndrome using MR Defecography under the guidance of Prof. Steve Halligan. I was also selected to be among the young ESGAR research mentees and was mentored by Prof. Stuart Taylor from UCL until I published my second original research.

Recently, I completed a year-long ESGAR Research Fellowship at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), where I contributed to research projects in colorectal imaging and artificial intelligence. I worked among a multidisciplinary team of radiologists and engineers to execute AI research projects in oncological imaging, with a particular focus on patient treatment monitoring under the guidance of Stefano Trebeschi. The collaborative spirit within the research group has been exceptional. The unwavering support, willingness to share knowledge, and friendly attitude of PhD students and postdocs, especially Stefano, Kevin, and Zuhir, have made this journey even more enjoyable. The good-spirited times we shared, whether during formal meetings or over a cup of coffee, have fostered a sense of belonging and teamwork that I will always cherish.

I currently hold the position of lecturer and consultant at the Lower GIT/Pelvic Floor Imaging Unit and Research Lab at Cairo University, where I enjoy teaching junior radiologists and continue my pursuits to provide substantial research aimed at improving care for colorectal cancer patients and pelvic floor disorders.