Miriam Cobo Cano


I acquired my Bachelor's degree in Physics (specialization in Fundamental Physics) at University of Cantabria in 2020, followed by a Master's degree in Data Science at both University of Cantabria and Menéndez Playo International University in 2021. Afterwards, I started a 1.5 year research contract at the Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA) - Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), where I worked on different projects related to deep learning, especially in applications using images, as well as medical data. Since December 2022 I am pursuing my PhD in University of Cantabria at IFCA (contracted by CSIC), under the supervision of Prof. Lara Lloret Iglesias (IFCA-CSIC). To develop my PhD I have an FPU grant: the Training programme for Academic Staff (FPU) is a national scholarship awarded by the Government of Spain, through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports/University of Spain, the most competitive scholarship offered by a public entity in Spain. The project is focused on the optimization of CT-based diagnostics systems with deep learning techniques. I am currently doing an internship at NKI under the supervision of Dr. Wilson Silva. My research focuses on learning more robust representations of data to increase generalizability and interpretability of deep learning models in medical imaging.