Jeroen Willemse

Jeroen Willemse

Member of:
Radiology AI Lab


In 2021 I got my masters' degree in Technical Medicine at Delft University of Technology, Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Shortly after my graduation, I started a PhD at the radiology department of NKI-AvL. Under the supervision of Doenja Lambregts and Max Lahaye, my research focuses on the use and implementation of whole-body imaging, mainly whole-body MRI. Currently, we have established two research lines in which we evaluate the use of whole-body MRI: Imaging of advanced abdominal malignancies and whole-body imaging in cancer of unknown primary (CUP). In addition to the evaluation of imaging strategies in CUP, we have set up a multidisciplinary team in collaboration with different departments from our institution. Combining a structured diagnostic process with multidisciplinary evaluation of CUP patients in our hospital, we hope to improve our workflow, increase efficiency and above all: improve patient care.